Fastest Charging Power bank in The World. ELECJET Apollo Traveller

ELECJET Apollo Traveller. 

This is World’s Fastest Charging Power Bank. The Claim By  ELECJET Apollo Traveller. This is Powe bank Which Charge Superfast, I Mean Insanely Fast. The Capacity of This Power Bank is 5000mAh and It Will Fully Charge Within 18 MinutesYes You’re are Reading Right Thing This Power Bank Charge 0% to 100%  Within 18 Minutes. This Power Bank Charge 0 to 25% in Just 5 Minutes, It Goes Just 0 to 50% in Just 9 Minutes and Yes for 100% Charging It Will Take Only Just 18 Minutes.

How Does This Power Bank Charge So Fast Let’s Explore Technology Behind This

There are Two Main Reasons

  1. The ELECJET Apollo Traveller. Power Bank Comes With 60W USB-C PD (Power Delivery) Charger
  2. Graphene Technology in Power Bank. The PowerBank Isn’t Exactly Made With Graphene Batteries, Yes I know The Graphene Batteries have fast Charging and Better Efficiency in the World But This Isn’t Graphene Batteries. This is Hybrid Powebank of Li-ion Batteries and Graphene Composite Material On Batteries. In This Power Bank Also Graphene Cooling Layer On Top Of The Batteries The Graphene is Worlds Most Conductive Material with High Conductivity In This Power Bank has Layer of Graphene so It Has Smaller Resistance of Graphene and Better Conductivity This Effect Make Power Bank Super Fast Charging

The Power Bank Has 5000mAh Batteries. The efficiency of the Power Bank is 96% and 1500 Charging Cycles. It is 3times More Than Ordinary Power bank
Charging Output is 45W Supported, It has USB-C and USB-A. USB-C PD Supports 45W, 36W, 27W, and 15W Also
This is Greate and Fast Charging Power bank. If You Want to Think to Buy and Greate Power Bank Then Try It Out.

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